Throughout the annals of history, Satanism has been a huge controversy, even in today's society. Until now, I viewed Christians and all weak minded people as toys, put here for the Left Hand Path's amusement. As a member of the Left Hand Path, I believe we are not even of the same species of humanity as a Christian. We have far surpassed Christianity and all other philosophies and theologies in mental capacity and strength. Now back to my toy philosophy. I sometimes watch TV evangelists for a good laugh or watch the news for a chuckle, and throughout all the bad things in the world, these fools still claim their God will get them through it. The shock of a traumatic experience can sometimes cause temporary delusions, I’ve heard. Christian toys have tried to brainwash the world with their superior right wing rhetoric about how they're God's chosen people, and we are murdering vile creatures who will burn in Hell. I can no longer stand by and let our movement perish by the hands of these weak minded non-individuals.


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Church of Lucifer - Rev Frederick Nagash