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The following series of texts was recorded by me during the years I900 and 190I in various villages on the Pacific Coast of the Chukchee Peninsula, between Mariinsky Post and Uini'sak. A number of tales are here given with interlinear translation and free translation. The attempt has been made to
render the texts as accurately as possible, but it has been found necessary to omit in the translations many of the conjuctions and interjections which are quite numerous in Chukchee and which often appear in extended groups. Most of the tales have no native names. For these, titles indicating the contents have been added. All such titles are placed in parentheses. Only a few tales are named, like "The Raven-Tale," "The Polygamist-Tale' and others. Words added in the translations for the sake of clearness are placed in parentheses. Literal translation of Chukchee words or phrases are enclosed in brackets.


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