The Rosicrucians of Mediaeval Germany formed a group of mystic philosophers, assembling, studying and teaching in private the esoteric doctrines of religion, philosophy and occult science, which their founder, ‘Christian Rosenkreuz, had ‘learned from the Arabian sages, who were in their turn the inheritors of the culture of Alexandria. This great city of Egypt, a chief emporium of commerce and a centre of intellectural learning, flourished before the rise of the Imperial power of Rome, falling at length before the martial prowess of the Romans, who, having conquered, took great pains to destroy the arts and sciences of the Egypt they had overrun and subdued; for they seem to have had a wholesome fear of those magical arts, which, as tradition had informed them. flourished in the Nile Valley; which same tradition is also familiar to English people through our acquaintance with the book of Genesis, whose reputed author was taughtin Egypt all the science and arts he possessed, even as the Bible itself tells us,-although the orthodox are apt to slur over this assertion of the Old Testament narrative.


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Christian Rosenkreuz & the Rosicrucians - W W Westcott 1894