When the Eastern Occult Teaching was presented to the Western World, about 40 years ago, its explanations of the Universe were accepted as reasonable by many students, and since the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception has been given in 1909, similar in certain respects concerning the laws governing the Universe, the question naturally arises as to its scope and purpose, why it has
been given, and whether its teachings and methods of development are better suited to an advanced or modern civilization. In conclusion, the writer may add thatafter many years' study of the ancient religions she speaks without prejudice and with gratitude for the light there received. Thus she feels free to voice her conviction that the Christian religion is more lofty than any of its precurcers; that the Christian Mystery Teachings, now promulgated by the Order of Rosicrucians through the Rosicrucian Fellowship, are both scientific and specially adapted to this advanced civ-ilization, and that to repudiate the Christian religion for any of the older systems is analagous to preferring the oldest textbooks of science to the new editions which embrace discoveries to date.


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