The Chinese have designed many ingenious strategical methods for dealing with enemies. They include Taoist sorcery, the most lethal and least known method known to date. Although its influence has always been fathomless, when Taoists designed rituals that could be used to affect whole armies and governments, their rituals attained a sublime level of metaphysical superiority. Taoist rituals are as destructive today as they were when first created thousands of years ago. The secret of their timelessness lies in the fact that the power of gods, demons, and the Supreme Being never changes. Thus Taoist rituals are forever. Gods, demons, and spirits are immortal. They do not die, they last forever. Composed of Chi energy, they have no need to breathe, no definite form, and cast no shadow. Because man is uniquely positioned between Heaven and earth, he naturally possesses the intuitionand extrasensory powers needed to communicate with the gods. He uses many methods to contact the divinities such as meditation, prayer, Chinese sorcery, and divination. But alas, not everyone believes in the effects of sorcery, the fastest and most effective method of  them all. This unfortunate skepticism has dogged mankind from the very beginning of its history and kept many people from enjoying the happiness that sorcery can bestow upon them.


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Chinese Taoist - The Art of Getting Even - Min Tzu