Unlock the Secret Powers of 100+ Herbal Remedies and Learn How to Recognize and Use Medicinal Herbs. Chinese medicine refers to medicine gathered, handled, prepared, and applied in clinics under the administration of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hypothesis. It is a significant segment of Chinese traditional drugs and a vital part of Chinese heritage. The development and application of Chinese medicine have a long history, a unique theory system and application structure, which altogether mirrors the umpteen characteristics of Chinese history, culture, and natural assets. Chinese medicine mainly originates from natural medicinal fixings and their handled items, including plant medicine, animal medicine, mineral drugs, and parts of the chemical, biological preparation. As most Chinese medicinal and the usually used ones are herbal medicines, we frequently refer Chinese medicine to as “materia medica” (ben cao) or “herbs” (cao yao). There are many types of Chinese medicines. Over 8000 sorts of medicines are recorded in old books. As of now, over 12,000 kinds of Chinese medications are recorded and applied. They have used Chinese medicine for many years to avoid and treating of disease. Chinese medicine has contributed to the success of the Chinese Nation reproduction and has