My goal in writing this book is to make the vastness of Chinese medicine digestible for a beginner and to make its systems of diagnosis approachable. You will get a sense of how you can use Chinese herbal medicine to decide which herb to use and when, and how it will help you fortify your health and thrive! I love herbal medicine, no matter the system or where it originated. Plants are amazing. I started reading about and experimenting with herbal medicine on my own, using books much like this one. Before becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I taught yoga therapy and Ayurveda. While completing my degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I worked at a GNC store, helping people with herbs and supplements. I also volunteered my limited free time to help my teachers and supervisors by working in the herbal dispensary making formulas for patients. I just wanted to be in the dispensary, a room with more than 300 jars of herbs, each with a different smell, look, and feel. When I opened the door, the aroma of all those herbs mixed together would draw me in. During school, my acupuncture performance was fine, but everyone knew my true love lay in Chinese herbal medicine. Because it is a system of holistic healing, Chinese herbal medicine does not seek to cure Western medical diagnoses. Rather, its main focus is preventing illness by maintaining balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. It helps disease and illness by the same mechanism of restoring balance, being therapeutically gentle or strong depending on what is needed. This book is designed to break down the vastness that is Chinese herbal medicine into simple first steps toward learning the system. The first chapter introduces you to the basic concepts of Chinese herbal medicine. At first, the Chinese medical framework may seem daunting to learn, but looking at health and disease through this len sallows for thorough, detailed understanding of many conditions.


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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Beginners - Carrie Chauhan