From ancient times to the present, Taoist Masters have been remarkably youthful, appearing and functioning at least twenty years younger than their actual ages. One source of their vitality has been the practice of Taoist Self-Massage Rejuvenation: using one’s internal energy, or Chi, to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue teeth, skin) and the inner organs. These techniques are about five thousand years old and until now were closely guarded secrets passed on from one Master to a small group of students. Even so, each Waster often knew only part of the method. Based on my studies with a number of different Taoist Masters, I have pieced together the entire method and organized the material into a logical routine. By practicing this routine five to ten minutes daily, you can improve many things, including your complexion, vision, hearing, sinuses, gums, teeth, tongue, and general stamina.


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Chi Self Massage - Mantak Chia