I start with the premise that each person wants to experience both itself and the matrix more fully. By doing so, it attracts and creates far better (more intense) sensations for itself. The difference between attracting and creating sensations are typified in an ancient Chinese symbol most people are familiar with, the yin-yang. To experience the difference involves a meditation. The experience is kinesthetic, which means you feel it, and what's more: you feel it within yourself. Most meditations involve either visualisations or feeling outside of yourself, such as watching or feeling your breath. The nose is a long way from centre, and we are feeling inwards. All meditations are valid to the people of the matrix, some have more intense sensations around them, some give us what we are questing for, whereas most don't. If you wish to feel the difference between yin energy and yang energy do this meditation. I'll explain the difference more fully shortly. Preparation: This is the same for both meditations and is a fairly common meditation in itself. Sit with your back straight, perhaps on a chair as I prefer, or else on the floor, or perhaps lay down and start by taking a few slow deliberate breaths and close your eyes. Allow your consciousness to roam freely within your body, settling eventually in your toes. Focus on the feeling within your toes and feel the space within your toes. Move to the sole of your foot leaving just the shell of your toes, i.e. your toes are empty space. Move your consciousness upward within your body: toes, soles, feet, heels, ankles, calfs, shins, knees, thighs, buttocks, anus, sexual organs, hips, kidneys, stomach, inner body, lungs, heart, slowly up the spine, throat.


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Chaos Magick Vol 3 - Fr Samuel