While there are several numerology systems in use today, only Chaldean (pronounced cal-day-yan) numerology has proven itself to me over the years to be almost eerie in its accuracy. Essentially, the Chaldeans were the first to recognize that all things are energy and connect sounds to vibrations, vibrations to numbers, and numbers to letters. Highly spiritual in nature, this system is an original in the numbers game and was the first to connect the original meanings of the letters to name analysis. It looks beyond your name to the individual letter energies and what they mean to you, and beyond your date of birth to the specific vibrations of your Lifepath, or what you are here to do, be, or learn. Despite having a reputation as being difficult to learn (which is why it was almost lost to history in the first place), this system is actually quite easy to master. Once you know its long-held secrets, it will become a unique and invaluable tool in your personal and daily life. Not only does it provide you with a personal “blueprint,” it also offers insights into others.


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Chaldean Numerology for Beginners - Heather Alicia Lagan