In order to place the reader at once in the midst of the strange world into which I ask him to follow me, I shall now reproduce in its entirety the formulae of this tablet, those at least which it is possible to interpret, for there are still some phrases which defy explanation, and I shall accompany my translation with short notes. I have been preceded in this undertaking by M. Oppert, with whom in most cases I agree perfectly. Should anyone, however, wish to compare our two translations, he will find some differences, which almost all result from the fact, that the learned Professor of the College of France has translated from the Assyrian version, while Ihave preferred to adhere to the original Accadian text. The Assyrian version is by no means alwaysa literal one ; and of this the reader may judge for himself, as I have annotated all the passages in which it differs from the earlier original. The Accadian text appears to be divided into ' rhythmical verses, each of which forms a separate line upon the tablet ; I have marked these divisions carefully. Here is a sample of the incantations in the book. --‘ The wicked god, the wicked demon, the demon of the desert, the demon of the mountain, the demon of the sea, the demon of the marsh, the evil genius, the enormous uruku, the bad wind by itself, the wicked demon which seizes the body, whichdisturbs the body. Spirit of the heavens, conjure it! Spirit of the earth,conjure it!


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Chaldean Magic- its Origin & Development