Congratulations on purchasing this book, and thank you for doing so. This book will help you in developing a clear understanding of the concept and importance of chakras, the reasons for their blockage and the ways to heal them. The concept of chakras has started to attract the attention of people these days as most people feel that it can help them in addressing most of their problems in life. The concept of chakras is very deep and wide. In the east, this concept was developed more than 4000 years ago, and since then it is being followed in various forms. If you look closely, the knowledge of chakras can help you solve a lot of mysteries of your personal life. The best thing about chakras is that it just doesn’t tell about the problems but also helps you in finding the solutions. There are several myths and misconceptions that float around the concept of chakras. There is a lack of clarity, and most people still consider it to be some form of magic. There are people who maintain a distance from the knowledge of chakras as they believe it pertains to a specific religion. This book will help you in clearing all such confusions.


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