"I want to know." I said. "I want to know about these things here. About the herbs and the healing and the things beyond all that. I want to know what the root does in secret in the earth and what the stars do in fire in the void. I came all this way and I want to know." Those ageless beautiful eyes knew my heart, knew the hunger there. In that moment before she spoke I have never been so afraid. I feared that she would set me out the door, deny my search and close her door. I could not bear that. I had come so far. But she laughed instead, a laugh that held the warmth of a thousand summer suns and the joy of a thousand springtime mornings. "Yes, you have come a long way indeed." She chuckled "And you have a great hunger there inside you. But like the starving man you cannot have it all at once. You must find out first how to learn these things you want so badly. You must find the first teachers. You must start with simple things - the things closest to you like your body. What does your body tell you? Do you even know? What does your nose tell you about this place? Your nose is the doorway to your inner self. It talks to your instincts and your other senses long before it ever talks to your brain.


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Ceridwen’s Handbook of Incense Oils and Candles - Maya Heath