Taking up the subject of the Scotch sculptured stones in connection with the theory of Celtic culture and native art as a relaxation from more irksome occupation, I prosecuted my research in my own way, and found the facts constantly pointing against me. My doubts and perplexities continuing to increase, I put to my instructor interrogatories of a searching character such as appeared to me to probe the question to the bottom. His replies were altogether un-satisfactory, and forced me to the conclusion that the theory which he advocated was untenable. Paradoxical though it may appear, I reached the exclusively Scandinavian theory through the pages of the Prehistoric Annals, finding therein facts from which, by the ordinary process of induction, I felt impelled to an opposite conclusion, and this before I had read a line of Pinkerton or Jamieson, whose masterly dis-quisitions banished for ever from my mind the last lingering remains of the Celtic myth.  Celtic names are in the mouth of everyone, yet, strange to say, no one can state coherently, with any regard to evidence, who were the Celts, which their country, or of what their language consisted.


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Celticism a Myth - J Cruikshank Roger