This book is intended to give the meaning and the etymology, so far as they can be discovered, of all the Gaelic names of the places on the six-inch Ordnance Survey maps of Aberdeenshire. Some names have been added from old books and maps. It was necessary to examine all the names on the Ordnance Survey maps, because many names which appear to be Scotch or English prove to be Gaelic in disguise. The spelling given on the Ordnance Survey maps has been followed because it is in general use and because many of the Highland names are not found anywhere but on these maps, having been first conferred by the officers of the survey. The spelling is, however, often inaccurate. There are such errors as Derr for Derry, Fiatach for Fiaclach, Shenral for Shenval, Beinn a Bhuird for Beinn a Bhuird, Ladie's for Lady's, Stonny Burn for Stony Burn.


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Celtic Place-Names in Aberdeenshire - J Milne 1912