In entering upon our subject, let us pass briefly under review the two races which have been said to constitute the population of these islands. And let it be here observed, that although we speak of Celtic and Saxon races generally, there is no reason to believe that we possess any perfectly pure race. Assuredly we cannot claim perfect purity for our Celtic races. In casting the eye backward over the past history of the Scottish Highlands, it is obvious that we cannot have a race of a type perfectly must have received a large mixture of foreign blood. Putting aside at present the question of who the Picts were, whether Celts or Teutons, with whom the Scots must have largely intermingled ; we have from the ninth century downwards the constant irruption into the north of Scotland of Scandinavian invaders; and that, not merely as invaders, but as settlers and possessors of the soil. For four hundred years did these continue their occupation, a period about equal in duration to the existence of the Roman power in Britain. They founded a powerful monarchy in the Isle of Man, embracing under its sway the whole Hebrides, together with the promontory of Kintyre. Indeed, at one time the whole of Scot land north of the Frith of Forth was subject to them, with the exception, of a portion of the counties of Argyle and Perth.


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Celtic Gleanings of the Scottish Gael - T McLauchlan 1857