The growth of religious thought, Ethnic, Hebrew, or Christian, besides being of supreme moment, is of an interest so perennial that no apology should be needed for presenting any evidence not hitherto easily accessible. It has been my custom for some years, whilst occupied with the study of ecclesiastical history, to jot down, or at least to make a mental note of anything that seemed specially to bear upon Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, or Scot- land ; and as I pursued my investigations (begun solely for the satisfaction of my own curiosity) the cultural significance of the pilgrim movement was strongly borne in upon my mind. Whether we consider its many-sided character, its human elements, its doctrinal import, its intellectual fertility, or the tenacity of this irrepressible instinct throughout the ages, it appears to challenge comparison with any other field of enquiry ; and after a considerable amount of material had accumulated, it was more than once pointed out to me that the publication of what I had garnered might serve a useful purpose ; a suggestion in which the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion readily acquiesced. The pleasure which the preparation of the Avork has afforded me, during years of enforced exile, will be enhanced tenfold, if it proves that my expatriation has not prevented me from rendering Wales some service by throwing light upon an obscure and neglected phase of her religious and mental evolution.


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Celtic Britain and The Pilgrim Movement - G Hartwell Jones 1912