What do we mean by “celebrating” the seasons of life? What’s the point of making rituals to mark the Solstices and Equinoxes, and what we call the “cross-Quarter” days between them? The Earth will orbit the sun whether or not we cast our Circles and light our candles; we ourselves will age and die, and the generations parade through our lives, whether we notice them or not. Why do we bother? Wiccan Sabbat celebrations do all these things, and quite often in great numbers, although solitary practice is considered equally valid. It’s not hard to understand how celebrating the seasons of life, as marked by Wiccan Sabbats, is commemorative rituals and festivities; it’s not hard to understand Wiccan Sabbat celebrations as public honor and praise of our Goddess and God. It might be harder to see how “proclaiming” and “frequenting” fit into Wiccan practice.


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Celebrating the Seasons of Life Samhain to Ostara - Ashleen O'Gaea