The pseudo-science ofAlchemy, with its attractive goals, its mystical associations, unprincipled charlatanism, and its honest self-deception, forms a fascinating chapter in the history of intellectual aberrations. Regarded as a phase of chemical science, to which it made prodigious contributions, students of chemical history find it an attractive field of research, and not a few chemical bibliophiles treasure the extraordinary literature born of a search for the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life. This literature, once so voluminous (a trade catalogiie of 1868 contains 2500 numbers), is rapidly becoming scarcer, especially in the more desirable works. The volumes exhibited have been selected by their owner from his private collection, numbering about two hundred and fifty volumes on Alchemy and seven hundred volumes on Chemistry (not compris-
ing periodicals).


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Catalogue of Works on Alchemy and Chemistry 1891