The ISLE OF MAN is peculiarly rich in monumental remains of about the 12th century, erected for the most part by the Scandinavians who then occupied the land, it is dithcuit to assign a precise date, but probably those which bear the names of Norae sculptors such as Gaut, Thorbjorn, and Thurith, may be subsequent to the visit of Magnus Barefoot, King of Norway, who in 1098 arrived to find the Island well-nigh depopulated by internecine strife, and who, as we learn from the Chronicon Manniae and other sources, encouraged new colonists to come over from Norway, and formed large settlements in Man and the Isles, but the custom of erecting crosses as memorials to their dead had prevailed among the Celtic inhabitants before their pagan invaders first arrived, and the art of decorating them with elaborate geometric designs had doubtless made considerable progress before the Norsemen, who had now adopted the religion of the earlier inhabitants, adopted also their custom of raising these sepulchral monuments, borne very primitive looking ancient slabs are still to be met within out of the way places, and many no doubt are lost or destroyed; there are also a few of later date and a different character, but, the greater number appear to belong to the early part of the 12th century. In the following Catalogue these have been arranged according to the parishes in which they have been respectively discovered, and to which let us hope those which have been removed may yet be returned, the parishes being arranged in alphabetical order. The most simple in design and ornamentation, which in many instances are no doubt also the earliest, are placed first in each parish, followed in order by others as they grow more complex or conventional.  **Illustrated


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Catalogue of the Manx Crosses With the Runic Inscriptions - PMC Kermode 1892