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This work consists of old lore collected during the last forty-four years. It forms a small part of a large mass of oral literature written down from the recital of men and women throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, from Arran to Caithness, from Perth to St. Kilda. The greater portion of the collection has been made in the Western Isles, variously called ' Eileana Bride,' Hebrid Isles, Outer Hebrides, Outer Isles, ' Eilean Fada,' ' Innis Fada,' Long Island, and anciently ' Iniscead,' ' Innis Cat,' Isle of the Cat, Isle of the Catey. Probably the Catey were the people who gave the name ' Cataibh,' Cat Country, to Sutherland, and ' Caitnis,' Cat Ness, to Caithness.


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