The past two decades have witnessed an unprecedented growth of interest in the Hindu Tantras both on the part of the layman and scholar alike. This vast area of study, so badly neglected in the past, is now slowly beginning to come into its own. The new interest, accompanied by a greater (although still very limited) knowledge of the Tantras, has led to a more critical and scholarly approach to the study of these sacred texts. Although scholars in the past were aware that important internal distinctions exist in the 'Tantric tradition', they were largely glossed over in an attempt to penetrate the 'philosophy of the Tantras', or the 'principles of Tantra'. Important exceptions on the Saiva side (we are not concerned here with Vaisnava Tantra) have been the studies and critical editions made in recent years of the Siddhantagamas.


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Canon of the Shaivagama - Mark SG Dyczkowski