The father still dreams of the plans he had made when the son of his pride should win the coveted place and be to him as a bulwark, a refuge, a retreat, a consolation in the deepening shadows of his declining years. The mother still listens for the rushing sound of boyish footsteps and the old familiar cry, " Hello ! Mother ! " entwining in the lusty accents some pet and loving name. The sister through blinding tears keeps dear memory of the brawny strength of a comrade brother ever at her side to kid and help her. The wife staggers and is near to swoon as she waits in vain for the strong arms that once framed her against a throbbing heart, and the whispered words of loyal love that thrilled and filled her. Children look up with a strange wistfulness and wide eyes of painful wonder and cannot understand why Father comes no more. It is coming in a thronging crowd of mediums, in mediumistic seances, tilting of tables, in script communications, in planchette redivivus in the ouija board. All classes are engaged in these things, the high, the low, the rich, the poor, the uncultured and the cultured, the ignorant and the learned, men ofthought, of science and philosophy representative men, men whose very names win attention. The questions are coming from all over the world. Many have been coming to me by letters and by personal inquiry. I shall answer these questions. I shall set forth what Holy Scripture testifies concerning the unseen world of the dead, the purported communications therefrom, the present state of the dead and their future.


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Can The Dead Communicate With The Living - I Haldeman