In the year 1850, my attention was first attracted to these ancient remains, by observing the large group of cromlechs near the village of Rajunkolloor, in the principality of Shorapoor (an independent native state, situated between the Bheema and Krishna Rivers, immediately above their junction), of which I was then Political Superintendent. They were called by the people, in the Canarese language, " Mori-Munni," or " Mories' " houses; and these Mories were believed to have been a dwarf raee of great strength, who inhabited the country in very remote ages. There were two groups, separate, and situated about half a mile from the village westward, in some rocky uncultivated land which sloped gently to the south; and, strange as the fact of Druidical, Celtic, Scythian, or Aryan remains existing there appeared to be at first, subsequent investigation proved beyond a doubt that these, and others which will be de tailed in this paper, were indeed such. I regret that I cannot submit plans of both of these groups of remains; but that of the smaller one, Plan No. I., will explain the positions of the cromlechs in relation to each other, and also of cairns or barrows which exist in connexion with them. The larger group consists of, perhaps, one hundred cairns and cromlechs, small and large, and occupies about five acres of ground. The scale of the plan will give the dimensions of the smaller one.


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Cairns, Cromlechs, Kistvaens, and Other Celtic, Druidical, Or Scythian Monuments