While the life of Cagliostro has been adequately treated in available works,4 the rituals of Cagliostro’s “Egyptian Masonry” have been well nigh impossible for the average person to obtain. Manly P. Hall was of the opinion that “...all who read it Ethe Egyptian Rite] will recognize its author to have been no more a charlatan than was Plato.”5 Critics of this quasi—Masonic system, however, have labeled it a sham -— but the real test of any recipe is in the eating. The question of validity thus becomes, “Do the rituals actually ‘initiate’ (in the occult sense of the term), and, were they indeed ‘magical?”’ The question of initiation is likely unanswerable by all but candidates, but the magical issue is easier deal with.


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Cagliostro's Secret Ritual of Egyptian Rite Freemasonry