The subject of Incubi and Succubi and their visitations is rarely dealt with by modern magical writers, although they have been used time and time again by various hacks of the horror genre. Sex-Demons have been banished - either explained away as hallucination or junked as a product of Christian mastubatory mythos. Any occultists this side of the twentieth-century that do mention them, usually do so in the context of warning against traffick with such entities, believing that the dangers of loss of vitality or obsession is the inevitable result. One of the few modern magical writers who does look at incubi and succubi (or, succubi and succuboys), is William Burroughs: incubus or succubus can be harmless, or it can be destructive. Like any sexual situation, the danger depends on how you handle it. All sex is potentially dangerous .... Our sexual feelings make us vunerable. How many people have been ruined by a sexual partner? Sex does provide a point of invasion and the succubi and incubi simply makes us intensely aware of this.- from, A Report from the Bunker (V. Bockris.) In th