Sometimes the same name is given to widely different plants, and again a plant will have several common names. The greatest confusion prevails among the common names of our native plants. There are about a dozen known as Snake Root ; three as Checkerbeny, and five as Yellow Root ; hence we are not surprised to find four or five distinc tplants in different localities called by the same common name. If those persons who hold in contempt the botanical names of plants, simply because they are derived from Latin and Greek, could be perplexed as every druggist and apothecary is, almost daily, by the indefiniteness of common names, they would gladly adopt the definite botanical one. Notwithstanding all this, common local names are used, and will continue to be used, by the far greater portion of the people, and it was with this fact in mind that the publication of this book was commenced. It often happens that there are two names, one as common as the other ; in this case, each name will refer to the other, both giving the botanical name. 


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C. E. Hobbs Botanical Handbook