The basis of Freemasonry is a Faith which can neither be demonstrated nor argued down - Faith in
God the wise Master-Builder by whose grace we live, and whose will we must learn and obey.
Upon this basis Masonry builds, digging deep into the realities of life, using great and simple
symbols to enshrine a Truth too vast for words, seeking to exalt men, to purify and refine their lives,
to ennoble their hopes; in short to build men and then make them Brothers and Builders.
There is no need - nay, it were idle - to argue in behalf of this profound and simple Faith, because
any view of life which is of value is never maintained, much less secured, by debate. For though
God, which is the name we give to the mystery and meaning of life, may be revealed in experience
He cannot be uttered, and in a conflict of words we easily lose the sense of the unutterable God, the
Maker of Heaven and earth and all that in them is, before whom silence is wisdom and wonder
becomes worship. It is enough to appeal to the natural and uncorrupted sense of humanity, its right
reason, its moral intuition, its spiritual instinct. Long before logic was born man, looking out over
the rivers, the hills and the far horizon, and into the still depths of the night sky, knew that there was
Something here before he was here; Something which will be here when he is gone.


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