We always advise our neophytes and initiates NOT to wake the Elder Gods, knowing full well that the best of them will rise to the bait and do so. The darkside glamour exerts a powerful charisma which every- magician should explore and understand. Since the dawn of history the training of sorcerers and shamans has included a 'harrowing of hell', a knowledge and power quest into the subconscious underworld of unspeakable desires and fears, and for good reason. Any repressed desire will claw its way out of the dungeon at an inappropriate time or at an unguarded moment if left unacknowledged and unsolved. Thus religious people have a propensity  to commit exactly those enormities which their religion specifically forbids.We off - white chaoists forbid nothing on moral grounds alone. 'Nothing is me', and 'Every-thing is Permitted', as we say, not forgetting that 'The consequences can be Ghastly '. To those exploring the darkside we can only advise ‘Do what ever you can get away with and monitor the conditions of your material existence as a guide. If you find yourseIf becoming more powerful, wealthier, and sexier then press on. If you find yourself shunned, impoverished, imprisoned, or dead, then perhaps a change of course suggests itself Darkside magic offers a short and dangerous path to triumph or disaster, more usuallv the latter, so proceed with care. Consider this introduction as a brief pause in the ante chamber to hell.


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Book of the Witch Moon Chaos, Vampiric & Luciferian Sorcery - Michael W Ford