This books talks about the invocations, incantations, guidelines, and special information on how they were taught to earthlings by the invisibles. Communion with the invisibles, be it passive or active, has limits, which even the most knowledgeable earthly man cannot traverse. No earthly will can reach beyond the bounds of the earthly realm. You cannot really call it forcing the invisibles, because there is no such force, there never will be. Even the invisibles of the lowest ranks must first and foremost adhere to the orders of their superiors and leaders. Although earthly man, once in a while, belongs to the superiors over subordinates, he is at a disadvantages against the invisibles, because his personality is covered by a material body and is bound in time. As long as this earthly bondage exists, a sturdy wall separates the visibles from the invisibles. This spatial resistance can be breached and surmounted and by wandering in your astral body. But this too can only be a temporary condition, because unduly long lingering within the invisible worlds can lead to an early decay of your earthly body.


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Book of Formulas - Wilhelm Quintscher