This inspired text was created under meditative and inspired circumstances by its author, Michael W. Ford. The text is not in any way meant to lay claim to special communications or any other contacts – but rather a focused ritual grimoire. The work is dedicated to the Wanderer, Cain who has passed from desert to forest to desert again. Cain may be sought in the places where men and women fear to walk, those ghost roads which prove dangerous to those unwilling to face their own darkest aspects of self. This Book is a Working for myself, as a student of the Luciferian Path, and as I wrote it, studied it and then prepared this text I have further come into being. I hope those who read this work understand that it is a Ritual in Progress, that each sentence fans the Flames of the Dragon and his consort, Lilith, the Mother of the Witch Path. Cain has presented me with different elements to think about and to further encourage others to develop what is the Sabbatic and Luciferian Path. When staring into the mirror, Cain appears – his very mask of Set-an is shown to me.


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