I first encountered the writings of William Burroughs at the age of fifteen when a friend at school lent me a copy of Exterminator. The book opened up avenues of experience ("kicks") that I had only half-suspected were possible: the twilight worlds of drugs, astronauts, wild boys and twisted visions. I read Burroughs avidly, twisting his worlds together with my own half- formed visions and fantasies. at first merely flashing out my daydreams with his landscapes, and later entering into them. I’m greatly indebted to Burroughs writing for enabling me to discover the "nightmare culture" of sexuality, drugs and magick. Though I was first turned on to magick through the drawings of Austin Osman Spare, I realised that it was the work of Burroughs that awoke in me the desire to visit alien landscapes, and cross into the various "zones" forbidden by society in general. Anyhow, enough of this preample. This is the first in a series of articles looking at some of the magical themes which crop up throughout the writings of William Burroughs. Sex-Demons The subject of incubi and succubi and their visitations is rarely brought up by contemporary magical writers, although they have been used time and time again by the varied hacks of the cheap horror genre, as a plot device upon which to hang the standard fare of blood and lust. Sex-demons have been banished-- either explained away as hallucination by psychologists, or junked as just a manifestation of the anti- sexual masturbatory mythos. Christian priests of course, maintain that such encounters are visitations from the Devil.


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Bitter Venoms - The Magical Worlds of William Burroughs - Phil Hine