"Never before has such a body of practices on lucid dreaming, astral projection, spirit vision, rising on the planes, path working, scrying, and the Body of Light been presented in a single volume, nor so seamlessly as to guide students step-by-step through their stages of progress and interre-lationship. Mark Stavish has written what may be the best practical guide to inner journeying in the realm of Western esotericism." Over the last few decades there has been an abundance of books on near-death experiences, prompting the development of an entirely new domain of scientific research and popular publishing. In fact, research into death, survival, and communication with "the other side" has been the main focus of much parapsychological research since the inception of the various societies and institutes for psychic research. The greatest amount of this kind of research seems to occur during times of intense social and political upheaval, making it no surprise that the period before, during, and after World War I saw the explosive growth of Spiritualism as well as a host of occult and mystical organizations. Most recently several prominent members of the Roman Catholic Church have engaged in research on the nature of the afterlife, survival of a sense of self or ego, and its relation to what in Tibet is called the Rainbow Body or the Body of Light. The Jewish and Christian scriptures are filled with direct comments or allusions to such a thing but do not present a comprehensive teaching on what it is and how or if it could be developed.


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Between the Gates Lucid Dreaming - Mark Stavish