Secret to Be Your True Self - Being your true self is, for some people, a lifetime of self-exploration. Although, if you apply the three secrets in this article, you don’t have to wait your whole life to be your true self. 

Secret #1: Surround Yourself With Those Who See You  We are often who we hang out with. Take the time to reflect on the people you interact with on the relationships you have in your life. Are those relationships inspiring? Do you like the person you are around your friends and family? It is so important to surround ourselves with people who like or love us for who we truly are. Take the time to nurture the relationships that inspire you to be the best version of yourself and learn to create healthy boundaries with the relationships that bring you down. You have control over who you develop a relationship with or not. That is how you will step into your power by respecting yourself and allow healthy relationships to develop and grow. 

Secret #2: Learn to Love Yourself 

Our surroundings are often a projection of our internal landscape. If the first secret makes you realize that you might not be nurturing great relationships, it might be an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with yourself. Do you love your physical body, or are you constantly criticizing it? Are you comfortable being by yourself?  Videos  and books.


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