Magick is all about perfecting magical practices so that the magician can get the best out of life. This new magick is famous for developing certain techniques. These include Austin Osman Spare's methods of sigil magick. What is sigil magick? Contained in this modern grimoire is a tried, proven, and practical paradigm for sigil magick. Rather than burden you with more far-fetched arcane theory, this book can save you a fortune in money and a lifetime of heartbreak. It provides a model of concentrated living magick that can makethings happen when you become adept at it. Theory follows practice. As with any kind of magical technique, trying it out and discovering for yourself that magick works is worth any amount of theoretical discussion. This book is written in two parts. The first part, The Psybermancer, is an exegesis on the theory and practice of sigils. Here I explain and expand the practices and principles developed by the English mage, Austin Osman Spare. The Psybermancer explains magical gnosis, the sleight-of-mind techniques of sigilization, as well as full rituals, opening and closing techniques, the four gateways of power, and mantras and dervish whirling. All of these create the most powerful rites. Whether you are new to the subject or already familiar with the magical process of sigilization, I hope you will find this book of great value.


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Basic Sigil Magic - Phillip Cooper