What are the attractions of Basic Psychic Development? They are heightened self-awareness, healing, and insights into our relationships. Share a recent conversation between the authors: John: Hi Gloria, I had a very enlightening experience while giving a reading this morning. A client was telling me about some difficulties she was having with several men in her life. Gloria (jokingly): Are you one of them!? John: Well, I quickly became one. We were talking quite cordially and I was watching her aura. All of a sudden I noticed she was upset, there was a disturbance in her aura. Together we explored the nature of her concern and figured out that I had changed the direction of the conversation before she was comfortable. I was so grateful for the understanding and the opportunity to reconnect with her. Instead of my faux pas undermining our friendship, the whole interchange increased both our intimacy and our confidence. Being able to catch such clues in people's auras is just what I needed all my life. Everyone has an aura. The aura is a bubble of spiritual light, sound, and feelingthat surrounds each person. Through simple techniques and practices, you can learn to become more aware of both your own and other people's auras. As you explore your growing awareness the world becomes new, like the emerging world of a two-year old. Every day you can discover, understand, and interact more deeply with some aspect of your life that you couldn't even perceive the day before. Auras are the wellspring of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Our lives and relationships emerge out of the interaction between our own auras and the auras of others, and out of the interaction between our own auras and the inner energies of different spiritual dimensions of reality.


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Basic Psychic Development - Friedlander and Hemsher