For the beginner, the two most important ingredients needed for candle making can't be found in any craft store. They are time and patience, and properly used, they will serve you well. The basic projects in this book require no highly advanced skills to complete. They were selected because they represent the basic building blocks of all candle making. Once comfortable with the skills and concepts of each project, you will be ready to create a nearly limitless number of candle variations and modifications on your own-whether its experimenting with colors and aromas, making custom molds, or dreaming up your own kind of unique candle. Getting to that point, however, requires a patient, measured approach. Think of yourself as a chef, turning plain wax into an attractive main dish using color dyes and fragrances as spices. Like in cooking, preparation and execution in candle making are best not rushed. Make sure you have the recommended amount of time needed to complete each project. If you don't, wait until you do.


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Basic Candle Making All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started