For some people, working with ancestral guides is a way to heal from trauma. They say that trauma can be passed through generations; if that’s the case, then certainly healing can be as well. Why not call upon your ancestors to help you navigate the murky waters of recovery, self-guidance, and wellness? If your ancestors themselves were the cause of the trauma,you can break the cycle of suffering by interacting with them. After all, if unpleasantness runs in your family, isn’t it about time for it to run out? We can’t change the past, but we sure can face it head on and refuse to let it define us. You can also work with your relations for assistance in mundane, material things. You might petition them for protection, requesting them to watch over you in times of trouble. Try asking them to help out with things like financial matters. For example, do you have a dream of buying yourself a house or opening your own business? That’s where your ancestors may just be able to step in and intervene—by embracing their power, we allow ourselves to develop our own.


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