This was an earlier book of Waite's, written when he was young and immersed in the study of alchemy. Embracing the First Matter of the Magnum Opus, the Evolution of Aphrodite-Urania, the Supernatural Generation of the Son of the Sun, and the Alchemical Transfiguration of Humanity. Contents: The Sublimating Principle of Alchemy; Symbolism of Israfel and Lucasta; The Agnostic Standpoint; Mysticism; Mysticism a Practical Science; Transcendental Science and Religion; Mystical Philosophy of Nature; Evolution and Mysticism; The Outward Man; Hermetic Doctrine and Development; Perfection of Humanity; Steps in the Way of Attainment; Religion of Evolution; Grounds of Spiritual Practice; The Holy Assembly; Catholic Doctrine of Theosophy and Mysticism; Five Nuptials of Ideal Being; The New Birth; The First Sublimation; Interior Sublimation; The Obscure Night; Evolution of the Interior Life.


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