It is a widespread belief that we have some kind of energy inside our bodies called life-force. Those who have strong and abundant life-force enjoy perfect health and vitality. In old age and sickness, this life-force gets weaker. When it becomes totally dissipated, the flesh-and blood body dies. Unfortunately, most people have only a vague notion of life-force; medical doctors and scientists are just beginning to investigate this energy. Serious study of the life-force was, however, a closely guarded secret in most esoteric schools throughout history in such diverse parts of the world as Egypt, the Himalayas, and Tibet, and among various traditions of shamanic and psychic healers. Secrecy was thought necessary because exploiting such knowledge for selfish purposes could lead to great harm to others and eventually backfire on oneself as well. The destruction of the legendary Atlantis was frequently cited as the foremost example of such misuse. China was an exception to this rule of secrecy. Over the last five thousand years, tens of millions of Chinese have practiced Chi Kung, healing their own illnesses and in many cases actually saving their own lives. Millions more have benefited from acupuncture, which has cured many diseases and relieved much suffering.


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Awaken Healing Light - Mantak Chia