The Calyx Ritual 1. Facing East at the centre of the room, assume a standing posture, arms at down sides, head erect. (This is the Wand posture) and maintain the Rhythmic Breath. While vibrating the following words in the Calyx, follow the rhythm, breathe in and as you do visualise and move, then hold, then vibrate the words on the expelled breath, then hold. Lather, rinse, repeat. 2. Imagine a sphere of white brilliance above your head, and acknowledge the divine spark which you belong to (Kether), then vibrate: EI (Ei) 3. Raise arms at sides to horizontal position, palms upwards, and at the same time form a sphere of energy between and penetrating the insoles of your feet (or alternatively imagine the centre at the base of the spine). Uplift and acknowledge the force of your material existence (Malkuth), then vibrate: `H BASILEIA (He Basileia) 4. Imagine a sphere of energy at the right shoulder, and acknowledge the inner force of Power, and the Pillar of Severity, touch the left shoulder with the right hand, vibrate: KAI `H DUNAMIS (Kai He Dunamis)


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Aurum Solis - Basic Magical Practices of the Aurum Solis