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THE "fabled Atlantis" is a familiar expression, and perhaps one which correctly states the opinion held by the great majority of those who have any opinion on the subject; but ever since the days of Solon there have been those who have stoutly maintained that, far away in the dim past, a mighty Island Empire existed, where now the waters of the Atlantic roll "a thousand fathoms deep"; which Empire pushed out its civilization and influence, on the one hand into Europe, and across Asia, to the
shores of the Pacific; and on the other across the Continent of America, until its western borders were bounded by the other side of the same Ocean.
Plato, in his Dialogues, (Timaeus) ,has given a most circumstantial accountof the Empire of Atlantis up to a certainpoint; where, however, his story abruptly terminates. After stating that his ancestor, Solon, visited Sais at the head ofthe Nile Delta, where he learned from the Egyptian priests many things which had been preserved in their history about Atlantis

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