Hazelrigg's Works Are Serious Hermetic Style Presentations Of Natural Law & Planetary Correspondences. Part I: Observations On The Stellar Doctrine, It's Principles, Its Symbolism, Its Speculative Truths, & Its Mundane Applications As Revealed Through Discernible Facts & Palpable Correspondences. Rationale Of Astrology; Inductive Astrology; Astrological Symbolism; Eclipses; Natures Analogies; Horoscope Of Declaration Of Independence. Part II: An Enquiry Into The Tenets & The Philosophy Of The Stellar Science - With Numerous Arguments, Controversial & Evidentiary, In Support Of Its Rationality, Including The Horoscope Of Declaration Of Independence Rectified From Historical Data. Part III: Astrosophic Tractates, In Which Are Presented Certain Phases Of The Stellar Doctrine Not Usually Subjected To Interrogation Or A DiligentEnquiry; A Conscientious Effort To Unite Logic & Consistency In Support Of Its Claim, & To Remove Its Implicits A Degree Further Beyond The Pale Of The Sciolist & The Shallowness Of Argumentative Discussions. Contents: Cosmogenesis, A Kabalistic Fragment; Duodenary Divisions Of The Circle; Inductive Analysis; Planetary Influence; Its Modus & Rationale; SoulAstrologized, Soul