The aim of this book is to give to the public the benefit of the practical findings gleaned by the author through a lifetime of astrological study and human experience In the course of her con-sultations with hundreds of thousands of clients. These daily and Intimate contacts and this extensive research have made possible the interpretations set forth In this volume, so cosmic and yet so human and personal. No attempt has been made to cover the elementary facts or instructions necessary for drawing up a chart of the heavens, as this has adequately been covered from time to time In many text books on the science. The Sun, Moon and Planets have been touched upon rather briefly, as a more exhaustive description of them and of the twelve signs in the zodiac can be found In "Astrology Your Place in the Sun," published by Dodd, Mead & Co. in 1927. In this present volume, the effects of the Sun, Moon and Planets In their passage through the twelve signs of the zodiac have been stressed at great length, and numerous examples of well-known persons in different periods and walks of life have been given to illustrate their operation.


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Astrology - Your Place Among the Stars - E Adams 1930