You’re probably familiar with Sun sign forecasts that appear online in daily horoscope apps. And you probably know your Sun 3 sign, too. But did you know that Sun signs are just the beginning of astrology? Did you know, for example, that all 12 signs, the Sun 3, Moon 4, and planets all appear somewhere in your birth chart?? Have you ever toured the astrological houses? Based on the date, place, and time of your birth, the planets and signs in the houses of your astrological birth chart create a metaphor for you in the heavens. Your astrological birth chart represents the position of the heavens at the moment of your birth. While there are hundreds of astrology books and apps out there—some general and some intricately technical—this book is unique because it’s about you. It shows you how your planets in their signs and houses can help you understand more about yourself and your life. It explains what all those symbols for signs and planets mean and how they connect with your everyday life: who you are, who you love (and who you don’t!), why you do what you do, why feel like you do, why live where you live, and why you work where you work. Astrology can explain all that? Yes, it can. Planets are the what of astrology, showing the various energies at work in your life. Signs show how those energies behave in your birth chart, and houses are where the various areas of your life unfold, from relationships to financial concerns and from wishes to hopes and dreams. Curious? Read on to find out more about astrology and you.