Almost all the works extant treating about Astrology are, more or less, verbatim translations of the original Sanskrit works. The student is asked simply to note-down the methods of calculation without any explanations as to what the various figures in the calculations represent. Instances are not a few in which an Astrologer has been able to prepare calendars for a series of years by merely
working out the formulas without himself knowing the meaning of an intercalary month. One of the benificial results of the advance of education has been, as one of the eminent civilians presiding at a prize distribution in a college lately said, to make men inquisitive in its best sense. English students of Astrology often come in contact with technical words and methods of calculation even when they take up the most elementary books on Astrology so much so that an elementary knowledge of the arrangement of the heavenly bodies and Astronomyis absolutely essential.

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Astrology - its Connection With Vedanta - C Venkatarava 1899