Mny attempts have been made to bring the study of Astrology within the reach of all persons endowed with an active mind ; but, owing to the magnitude of the subject, and the great amount of time and labour required to reduce metaphysical science into terms of natural philosophy, the object has hitherto been only partly achieved. In the present work a final attempt is made by the author to reach the multiude of earnest and thinking searchers after truth; whose numbers are steadily increasing, and especially those who wish to have some practical demonstration of the widespread belief that a wise Ruler is behind all manifestation of life, guiding and influencing humanity towards a perfect ending—the Millennium—in which perfection is the goal. The day is past for writing a defence of Astro!ogy, and no amount of argument will ever convince the sceptic, who is either too perverse or too indolent to investigate so grand a science as Astrology, a science whith explains the law that governs all things.


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Astrology for All - A Leo 1899