Because Astronomy is so transcendent and subtil an Art in itself, that therein a man ought to have respect unto so many things before he can attaine to true judgment thereby, because the eye of the understanding will not pierce unto the half thereof, and few Doctors of our later time have been found so experienced therein that they know sufficiently how to judge thereby; Therefore I have composed this work, which I wilt have to be named, Astronomical Geomancy; wherein, I will sufficiently teach how to judge with less labour and study. For in this present science it is not requisite to behold neither the Ascendant, nor the hour in a Table, as it is in Astrology. It is expedient therefore, to make four unequal lines, by the points casually set down; and to joyne together those points; and out of the points which are not joyned together, which do remain in the heads of the lines, (as it is done in Geomancie) extract one figure; and the signe of the Zodiack that answereth to that figure, put for the Ascendent, for the words sake. If Acquisitio arise from the heads of those four Lines, let Aries be placed in the Ascendent; if Laetitia, or the lesser Fortune put Taurus in the Ascendent; if Puer or Rubeus, place Gemini; If Albus, Cancer; if Via, Leo; if Conjunctio or the Dragons Head, Virgo; if  Puella, Libra; if Amissio or Tristitia, Scorpio; if the Dragons Tail, Sagittary; if Populus, Capricorn; if Fortuna major, Aquary; if Carcer, then put Pisces for the Ascendent.


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