If the thirty years devoted by the undersigned to research and the study of astrology and astrodiagnosis, a large part was spent with Max Heindel, first as costudent and companion and later as his wife. A portion of the astro-diagnosis in this book has been taken from Mr. Heindel's former monthly lessons to esoteric students, and this fact, together with our association in astrological research, is the reason why this volume goes out under both our names, even though he passed into the larger life in 1919. This book may differ in a few instances from other books which deal with the science of diagnosis from the planets. The authors of this volume, however, have had opportunities such as few other writers on this subject have had. The Rosicrucian Fellowship, of which they were the founders, has a very successful healing department. A description of the method used in this department may be found on page 440. Of the thousands of patients who have written to us for healing since the department started, each one has sent in data describing the disease from which he suffered, its symptoms and peculiarities, the doctor's diagnosis, etc. This information was in every case carefully compared with the patient's horoscope, and a detailed study made of both.


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Astro-Diagnosis a Guide to Healing - M Heindel (1928)