The journal from which this book was fashioned comprised over a thousand pages in its original handwritten form. It was kept from 1954 to 1955, as Joseph Campbell traveled throughout India, Southeast Asia, and Japan. Later he would flirt with the idea of publishing it, though he never attempted it. Now, eight years after his death, this work will hold a central place in the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell , helping us to form a more complete evaluation of both the man and his work. The journal appears at times to be a personal diary—as close as Campbell ever came to autobiography. In other places he seems to be keeping an intellectual notebook, grappling with the scholarly details of an Indian cave temple, or getting indigestion over the rampant anti-Americanism in the Indian tabloids. At times he wrestles with the difficulties of arranging a dance tour for his wife, Jean Erdman, throughout India; at others he notes his ambivalent reactions to meeting with a guru. In general, he records entries several times a week, with characteristic thoroughness, perhaps in part for documentation of the details of his trip for the Bollingen Foundation, from whom he was continuing to receive grant support during this time; sometimes, obviously, as formulations related to future writing projects.


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